Friday, February 13, 2015

365 Project #47 Pickup Artist

I live in a real pretty place, Buchanan Lake Village in Tow, TX.  On my drives to and from work I really enjoy and appreciate the scenery, that is until lately.  'My' drive has been spoiled by a lot of roadside trash and I don't appreciate it one damn bit.  Who's in charge of this sort of thing?  Somebody should be doing something abo...oh, well yeah, somebody could if they had a little bit of time now and then and a big garbage bag.

So I got permission from the local convenience store to drop a bag of trash in their dumpster once in awhile.  Two hours has improved my drive just a little, and it's gratifying.  So now and then, when I get the time and have a little energy reserve, I'll plug away at it.

You'd think surely that people don't just throw stuff out their vehicle windows, most of it probably just falls out or gets sucked out when the windows are down.  Nope, it's pretty consistent, plastic ice bags, water bottles, beer cans, beer bottles, cigarette packs, snuff cans, plastic bags.  Looks like people use the outdoors as their trash can.  Hm.

Anyhow, the world-famous Texas wildflowers will be out soon, and we'll be ready.  One person, one bag, one hour.  I can do that.

Here's my map

I like this guy's site.  I joined and I'm Road Trash Warrior #65.

I started a Facebook Page  If you'd like to join this VERY unofficial club, like the page, post where and when you picked up some trash and I'll put you on the Google Pick Up Artists Map.