Sunday, January 4, 2015

365 Project #6b Jam Session

This is what we do on alternate Sundays.  For about 4 years, we've been regularly hosting the Jam Session at Pat's Bar in Kingsland.  Our band Turnabout, Don Crowder, Jody Proctor, Pat Gibbons, John Carpenter and I are the core band and guests sit in and play.  Our job is to make them sound great and we take it seriously.  Most guests play about 3 songs, then they make room for the next guest or the band continues to play.  We get a good regular crowd, so that must count for something!

Don Crowder

John Carpenter

Don Crowder, Jody Proctor

Pat Gibbons

Rod Norris

Charly Sardo

Joe Bryant

Big John