Tuesday, January 27, 2015

365 Project #29 I Love My Chiropractor

I've had back problems nearly my whole life and last year finally got up the nerve to visit a chiropractor.  By sheer luck I found the perfect one for me!    I had heard stories that chiropractors were useful, but you'd better go in expecting a little rough stuff before you felt better.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth!

Dr. Katherine Keller at Keller Chiropractic in Llano, TX is very gentle and thorough.  The reason I had originally gone was because my lower back had been 'out' for two weeks and was getting worse.  In less than 15 painless minutes, I was up and walking around normally.  Since then I've gone back several times when I felt an adjustment was necessary.

For this appointment, she is adjusting my neck and upper back.  I had the flu for 3 weeks and had coughed so hard that my upper back and neck were very stiff and sore.  She did a couple of quick adjustments and then did some facial massage and lymphatic drainage with some mint/eucalyptus oil.  You'll find that chiropractors study and apply many disciplines and techniques that treat a variety of problems.  I felt like I almost floated out of there.

Don't be afraid of the chiropractor, especially this one!

The Chiropractic Adjuster, or as I call it,
The Thumper, feels like a quick little tap
but delivers amazing results.