Monday, May 5, 2014

Music and Chili!

Wow, what a weekend!  On Saturday we played 2 gigs at Pat's Bar in Buchanan Dam, 2pm-6pm and 9pm-1am.  Then, of course, we broke down, drove home, wound down, had a snack, showered and fell asleep about 4:30am.  Then we rolled out of bed at 11:30, dressed and swigged down some coffee and headed for the 43rd Howdy-Roo Chili Cookoff at Johnson Park in Marble Falls, TX.

I'm the designer and webmaster of their site Howdy-Roo and will be posting pictures and descriptions as soon as I get them from the photographer.  They had no videos showing what judging chili is all about so I took footage and made them a video.  There's always a need for judges for chili so all are welcome to come and judge.  You meet some real nice folks, do them a big favor and get to eat!  How can you beat that?

This looks quite a bit better at Full Screen view.

Howdy-Roo is an officially CASI-sanctioned event leading up to the Terlingua International Chili Championship.  All of the chilis we tasted were superb, and some were even better than that!

We came home, settled down a bit and slept 10 hours.  It felt great.