Sunday, April 20, 2014

"She's Dead, Cap'n!"

Well, another adventure, right on the heels of the last.  We were debating whether to scrap or sell the old Band Van and hadn't quite made a decision.  Turns out Fate had the answer.

Last night (Saturday) as we were driving to a gig, the steering suddenly became very difficult, and by the time we had arrived, there was a little smoke coming out from under the hood.  Don left the hood open to cool the engine, thank goodness there was no fire.  About an hour later he went out, reached into the engine compartment and pulled out the serpentine belt.  Something must have broken and let it go or it was just so loose it jiggled off.  For those like me who didn't know, it's the one belt that moves almost all the important stuff.

We went ahead and set up, played the gig, put the band equipment in a corner of the bar and got a ride home with John Carpenter, our drummer.  Today, (Sunday) we went back in the truck with the trailer to get the stuff.  Don loaded up the truck with the band equipment and drove the van onto the trailer.  We needed to move the van just a tiny bit but no luck, she wouldn't start at all.

Later this week, probably Thursday, we'll drive to Myers Wrecking Yard where we'll pick up the new-to-us van and scrap the dead one for a couple hundred dollars.  Don had a really hard evening and day, I can't be much of a roadie anymore, my back is now officially Fussy and I've been told not to lift heavy stuff.  It would be really convenient if we could get it all done this week before the next gig, but even if it doesn't all work out, we've still got the truck.

In case you've noticed, that lovely truck with the bashed-in side is our Awesome Craigslist $700 Truck with years of mileage left on it.  Don't mess with me, I'll go shopping!