Sunday, March 16, 2014

Open Mic, Pat's Bar, Buchanan Dam, TX

On alternating Sundays, our band Turnabout hosts Open Mic Night at Pat's.  The band is Don Crowder-guitar and vocals, Jody Proctor-guitar and vocals, Pat Gibbons-bass guitar and vocals, John Carpenter-drums and vocals and Lisa Miller-vocals and sound.  For those of my friends who aren't familiar with the routine, Don and I drive to Pat's in a Olds van stuffed to capacity (rear seats removed), set up a stage with monitors, mains, mic stands, mixer and amps and LOTS of cords.  Then we sing and play for 4 hours, pack it all up again and drive home.  We think it's fun!

Tonight we had a great turnout of musical guests and had a great time.  Special thanks to Jeff Papp, Joe Bryant, Joe Bray, Bill Sperry, Denton Wills Sr., and Lewis Crowell.  Doesn't it look like a blast? 

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John Carpenter

Jody Proctor

Pat Gibbons

Jeff Papp

Don Crowder

Joe Bryant

Joe Bray 

Bill Sperry

Denton Wills, Sr. 

Lewis Crowell 

Jeff Papp, Pat Gibbons, Lewis Crowell 

Jody Proctor, Lisa Miller, Denton Wills Sr. 

Jody Proctor, Don Crowder, Joe Bryant 

Jody Proctor, Denton Wills Sr., Pat Gibbons 

Jody Proctor